Immigrant Student Support Committee

In response to the current threats to our immigrant students and their communities, as well as communities of color in general, the Immigrant Student Support Committee has been created. It advocates for clear policies and dedicated support to immigrant students, their families and their communities. Some of the initial goals of the committee will include: 
  • Creating a center for undocumented students and all immigrant students to get information, support, and advice.
  • Advocating for clear policies at City College regarding not collaborating with ICE.
  • Participating in a county coalition of organizations interested in supporting the immigrant community in San Diego County.
  • Collaborating with the City College faculty and staff union (California Federation of Teachers) both in San Diego and statewide to create a plan to protect undocumented and immigrant students and communities.
This committee meets Friday at noon and Wednesday at 2:30 pm, Room MS 451

More info: Enrique Davalos