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Social Justice Activism
Acción por Justicia Social 

The social justice activism project offers students a chance to volunteer for 15 hours during the semester in a community or campus organization. The intention is to offer students the opportunity to move beyond the classroom and be part of collectives that struggle with concrete social problems that affect Latina/o communities in San Diego/Tijuana. Options are below.

Immigrant Student Support Committee

In response to the current threats to our immigrant students and their communities, as well as communities of color in general, the Immigrant Student Support Committee has been created. It advocates for clear policies and dedicated support to immigrant students, their families and their communities. Some of the initial goals of the committee will include: 
  • Creating a center for undocumented students and all immigrant students to get information, support, and advice.
  • Advocating for clear policies at City College regarding not collaborating with ICE.
  • Participating in a county coalition of organizations interested in supporting the immigrant community in San Diego County.
  • Collaborating with the City College faculty and staff union (California Federation of Teachers) both in San Diego and statewide to create a plan to protect undocumented and immigrant students and communities.
This committee meets Friday at noon and Wednesday at 2:30 pm, Room MS 451

More info: Enrique Davalos edavalos@sdccd.edu

Club T.A.I.N.H (Pariente)

About Tainh

T.A.I.N.H. o "Pariente" en Lengua Mixteca

"Trabajando en Apoyo por la Igualdad de Nuestros hermano/as."

Este grupo fue diseñado por un grupo estudiantil para construir una perspectiva de un Mexico diferente; un Mexico donde los sueños se pueden hacer realidad sin necesidad de migrar y donde el conocimiento es primordial. Nuestro proposito es concientizarnos y ayudar a concientizar al pueblo sobre los problemas socioculturales del pais mediante informacion y analisis.

Designed by a student group, Tainh (Relative, in Mixtec) is designed to build a different perspective of Mexico, a Mexico where dreams can come true without having to migrate and based on knowledge. Our purpose is to become aware and help raise awareness to the people about the social and cultural problems of the country through information and analysis.

Meetings: Thursdays, 2:30 pm, Room MS 462

M.E.Ch.A San Diego City College

Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan

 Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan

Meetings: Tuesdays, 2:30 pm, Room MS 451
Contact information: mechasdcc@gmail.com

Mecha Mission

In order, to best serve the interests of Latino/as and Chicano’s as we will fight for and support the following goals and objectives: A. Increasing the access, admission, hiring, and representation of Chicanos, minorities, women, and other working class people at all levels of higher education. B. Increasing the funding and resources for all ethnic studies programs, as well as programs designed for the welfare of all working people. C. Increasing the level of political representation of Chicanos, minorities, women, and other working class people at all levels of government. D. Increasing the access, hiring, and representation of Chicanos, minorities, women, and other working class people at all levels of civil society, including, among others, law, medicine, industry, and business. E. Ensuring the fair access to health care, the access to pertinent, scientific, and medical information, and the awareness of medical issues of Chicanos, minorities, women, and other working class people in our society face. F. The involvement of Mechistas in the electoral process at all levels, from the university level to the national level. In the election process only radical and progressive candidates are the rational choice for our people and for all working people. G. The struggle for the social and economic equality of all peoples by any means necessary, including the elimination of poverty, hopelessness, and despair, too often experienced by minorities and working people in our society. H. The active involvement of Mechistas in the struggle of all working people, for union representation without excluding ethnicity, color, religion, and sexual orientation, and for better wages and working conditions. I. The struggle for equal representation in the running of Colleges and Universities, including the representation of students and employees in the decision-making bodies of higher educational institutions.


The purpose of M.E.Ch.A de San Diego City Chicano/Latino community at City by promoting College will be to serve the needs of the political, cultural and social awareness on campus and in the community.


Mixteco Cultural Exchange Program

Familia Indigena Unida was established in December 2006 in the community of Linda Vista, San Diego, CA. It promotes self-sufficiency and culture preservation among the Mixtec people, an indigenous group from the southern Mexican states of Oaxaca, Guerrero and Puebla. The program has grown over the years so that we now provide services to many immigrants in Linda Vista from other Mexican States as well as Central and South America. 

We provide instruction classes in Spanish, English, and Mixtec to adults and for children ages 5-20 we enrolled them to our youth mentoring program to develop their critical thinking by learning and preserving their culture and language. 

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